Monday, February 15, 2010

New Blog

*Que Fanfare* The Old "Let's Do Lace" blog has closed and a new one has officially begun!

Not that I used the other one... I just wanted to have a craft/narcissist blog for all to see (I want attention, look at me!!!). The old blog had a grand total of three posts to it... none of them with pictures, if you can believe it! No more of that.

I successfully needle-tatted totsumel's flower pendant (
The instructions were fairly clear.... no, I lied.... in order to make sense of them you need to watch the video repeatedly and slowly. I'm sure if I had gone into it knowing more about needle tatting everything would have made sense, but the reason I was trying to do this was to learn how! Once I got the idea of how to hold, turn, and tie everything it went smoothly.

Observe the awesomeness!