Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kay I did it

Check it out. Not everything is on there. But it is a start. I also gave 4 pairs of the Cardinals to Elixer downtown... so let's see if anything sells.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Getting on the Etsy Train

Some things in life are inevitable, or at least they seem so. I like to crochet and learn new crafts. The things that I make I generally would wear, but not always and I seem to end up only wearing a few pieces with any regularity.

So I sign up.

Take pictures.

Realize that 70% of my pictures are crap and no one is going to buy anything based off of crap pictures.

I want a new camera that I can adjust the focus on my own instead of this auto-focus crap. That would unfortunatly entail spending money.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More tatting!

\Visiting my cousin left me with a good amount of downtime on the plane and when she was at work. So what else to do but craft? Hobby Lobby had a free pattern for a heart... this is actually my second attempt at it. I didn't have as much of an issue with twisting on the first one. Another issue I seem to have is with the picots, on the inside loops they are too close together for me to do them as evenly as I would like. :-( I guess that is what practice is for though.

My day-job work is something else. In less than two weeks I go off to my next ship. I need to figure out soon what crafts I have space for and want to take. There is so little space in one's room and definitely not so much time to experiment. I want to be able to practice my new crafts (aside from tatting I have started knitting and found a book on needle lace) However, it is also nice to have space for one's clothes. OOOOhhhh the dilemmas.

And now for something compleatly different: crochet!

This choker I designed all on my own! YAY! It looked a little twisty when I was making it up, but once I blocked it everything just came together beautifully (in my humble opinion). I am thinking more and more about starting something up on etsy or trying to sell the pattern at the very least. I was a good kid and for the first time ever took notes when I was working on the pattern. At least for most of it.

The final thing I shall leave you with.....

... a really bad picture. But seriously, this is a soon to be bunny earring that I set inside my dad's wedding band for scale. When I was working on this little baby I did think to myself for a moment that maybe some threads are just too small to work with. Then I realized just how cute this little guy is. I should have taken a picture when I was blocking out the ears.