Monday, August 23, 2010


I didn't have the guts to just give it to the guy, so I put it in a card inside the DVD he'd asked for. The one I made was more like the actual pattern on than this one and black instead of white. Unfortunately I didn't take any pics of the second one. This little birdie is going to go to my friend's wife... when we had lunch a few weeks ago she asked about tatting and I just wanted to send something as a thank-you and to show her what's up.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yay me!

I set aside my books and my griping and actually have made stuff. The shawl is about halfway to where it was when I started ripping it out. And tatting has been happening as well, though I'm not certain I'm doing everything right and the internet on board is such an epic fail that I can't really look up you-tube tutorials.

Last week in Ketchikan one of the native American Klinket gave me this canoe piece he had carved. This was at the end of an epically bad week at sea, so it really meant a lot to me. That week came complete with a panic attack, to give you an idea of the massively bad start to the cruise. So I definitely want to make something for him. But what do you crochet or tat for an older gentleman that isn't some sort of hat or scarf... especially as I can't really ask him for color and yarn preferences?

EAGLE! I made a version of the eagle first try didn't turn out so well. I actually like it though. The thing is kind of cute and chubby instead of regal... so I will make another one for him later.

Promo time! Not mine but Agasunset's.... Who's awesome. ( My favorites right now are her chandelier ankle corset as well as the black choker with cascade, because they are simple, beautiful, and drape-y... and of course the mask that is the pattern in the promo...

You are the only one who's following on this blog... but er.... can I still have the pattern?