Thursday, November 25, 2010

In which I get distracted

I'm sorry... I have no attention span whatsoever. And as I am unemployed, forgot my camera st home, and am spending a month at my brother's I have a sad lack of pictures of things I am working on. The good news is that I found my tatted mask hours before we left and it is now tucked away in a more obvious place, awaiting my return and weaving in of ends for pictures. There is apparently some sort of Renaissance feast/gathering in January, So I may even have a place to wear the damn thing.

The drive down was long, but it was amazing to see my friends along the way.

I failed NaNoWriMo so hard it is sad. I still want that book to be written however. I keep thinking of logistics of plot points and how to make it realistic.... not being blind and all, which it is important that my heroine be. For the rest of the plot to make sense.

Hearkening back to all of that Renny talk... I started a project before leaving that I am incredibly enamored with. Even if it's lack of completion does reflect poorly on my ability to pay attention and stick with a project. If I can get the last step when I get home this sucker is going to rock my socks off.

Years ago I bought 10 yards of black satin on a 90% off after the holidays sale. I believe since then jo-anne's has become more consciences of its labeling practices, but it was on the inventory as "Halloween" fabric so deeply discounted it was. I almost swooned before I bought the entire stock they had left. Two summers or more ago I found a slightly too large Charlotte Rousse corset. The thing was 50 cents. I couldn't say no. I only wore it twice or so as cheap trendy corsets are... a little trashy to say the least. Not to mention SO anachronistic I wouldn't feel right wearing something like that to faire, even to giggle about the fact that I could (I used to work at a Renaissance Festival) I would be MOCKED, but good.

So now that I got my 50 cents worth out of the original corset and have some time on my hands, what do I do? I plot.....